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Has Old Louisville reached it's potential?  Please let us know your opinions on the status of our neighborhood.    What, if anything, do you think needs to be changed?  Are there any problems that have not been addressed?  Do you have suggestions for the improvement of Old Louisville?  Do you have suggestions or comments about this web site?   People are listening! Go to our Feedback Form and speak out! 

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Posted by a former Old Louisville resident
Linda Page Shaffer

What nostalgia! I grew up in Old Louisville, and lived on Magnolia between Sixth St. and St. James Court until graduating duPont Manual in '56. Only years later did I come to appreciate the architectural beauty and stately, serene atmosphere of the 'Central Park area'. Found your site while doing research on the Stuart Robinson Presbyterian Church at Sixth & Magnolia. If anyone knows its current status, would appreciate a note.

Jim Kehler

I enjoyed your web page very much, but seeing the number of old buildings that have been demolished was very sad. Market Street in 1931 looks like a lot more fun than the concrete box that's there now. It's amazing that anyone would value a parking lot what used to stand in its place.

Posted by a former Old Louisville resident

The hours for the Conrad-Caldwell listed in your walking tour are incorrect. The House is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday from Noon until 4. Saturday hours are 10 until 4.

Reply: Corrected, thanks

Posted by a visitor to Old Louisville
Saundra Grissom

I have been researching my family history in Louisville for several years now but only recently discovered this website. Last week I made a trip to " Old Louisville" in order to find an address that was listed in the 1880 federal census records as the residence of my great grandparents who owned a dry goods and millinery store in the city for many years as far back as 1866. The address is 640 Market St. I was lucky enough to meet the present owner of the beautiful old building on that site who operates an art studio there. His name is Chuck Swanson and he was very considerate when I told him why I was interested in the neighborhood. He showed us around the building and told us about the ironwork and that the building originally had gas lights in the ceiling. He has painted the building and made it look very nice. Old Louisville should be proud of what Mr. Swanson has offered the neighborhood. My great grandparents names were Leopold and Adeline (Sawyer) Hirshburg and they were Jewish people. The only problem I have with your website is that It doesn't go back as far as I am interested in learning about and I have been unable to learn anything pertaining to the Jewish merchants in the area.

Posted by an Old Louisville resident
Matt Spencer

What a great place to call home!! I moved to Old Louisville upon my high school graduation in May of this year, and I am absolutely loving it.

For example, I enjoy walking around St. James Court and Central Park. I can honestly say that Old Louisville is probably one of Louisville's friendlier neighborhoods!

While I was moving in *those of you who have endured this process know how mind boggling it can be*, I received a newsletter for an Old Louisville neighborhood association. This has been unfortunately misplaced.

If there are any organizations that will accept a renting, historically minded college freshman into its realm, please let me know!!

Thanks! Matt Spencer

Posted by an Old Louisville resident
The Junkman

The pictures on this website don't do the area the justice it deserves. Is there a bandwidth or space restriction? I would like to see better pictures of Old Louisville's historic areas. Comments?

Reply:  Ah, but many of those pictures were posted when half the folks still only had a 28.8 modem, and they were indeed reduced in resolution for load time considerations.  The other thing is we just have too little time to do the footwork.  Anyone who owns some beautiful pictures of Old Louisville that they would permit us to post may email them at any time.  One thing we don't have is space restrictions, since we own our own web server.

Posted by a former Old Louisville resident
Ann Curtis

Just when I thought the Old Louisville website couldn't get any better, it did! Thanks for adding the Architect's Corner and Old Louisville and Literature. I have also heard rumors that there is currently a well-known author living on St. James Court. But, being discreet, I will not disclose the name.

Reply:  It would certainly be in our tradition!

Jeremy Storey


First off I would like to say what a great site. Its amazing I can sit here in outback Australia and find out about an old postcard of the Art Deco bus station in Louisville. Which brings me to my question - can any one tell me anything about the building like the date it was built, architect, any special features?


Jeremy Storey

Posted by a former Old Louisville resident
Dennis Duffy

An absolutely marvellous website! Congratulations!

I'll probably get back to here, because I'm at the very beginnings of a research project on the founding of Central Park. (I attended Holy Rosary Academy across the street from it, 4th & Park, in the 40s). I hope to make use of the resources that you have listed here while engaged in this project. meanwhile, I'm giving as lunchtime talk at the Filson on 5 July 2000. Topic: D.W. Griffith's early years in Louisville: some speculations. Hope to meet you there.

Posted by a Louisville resident
george young

Dont you think its time to take away the police cars from off duty officers ?police officers are taking police cars home ! using them for personal use, suck as transporting there family around the city , shopping and making personal trips all over the city !the liability , cost of gasoline and wear and tear on the vehicles would be reduced ! they should use there personal cars when not on duty and not drive at the expense of the tax payer !cars should be parked at the station house ! what do you think ?

Amie downey

Why does everybody not like lousiville?

Emmalee Bowers Tarry

Emmalee Bowers Tarry Nashua, NH 03062 EmmaleeT@aol.com

I grew up in Louisville from 1939 to 1960 and visited frequently thereafter until my Mother died in 1996. I just discovered this web site and plan to spend some time here learning more about Old Louisville and the Louisville I knew as a child. Then I will have to visit again to take another look.

I spent many hours in the old Ford Mansion on Broadway when it was the YWCA. They kept the two front rooms on the first floor as living rooms. One room had a baby grand piano. I remember playing this piano while I waited for a swimming or modern dance class to start. What a shame the Y moved out as this was a historic building you experience rather than just admire. When I drive past Second and Broadway I can't look.

I also remember the Claggett Estate on Dundee Road in the Highlands and especially the fountain and garden. For several years the Louisville public schools used the estate for a summer music camp.

My Uncle Will Bowers of Caulfield and Shook photographed many old buildings in Louisville. Some of his work in now in the collection of the Speed Museum. I have one of his photographs of a bridge in Cherokee Park. I wonder if any of his photographs are on your web page.

Posted by an Old Louisville resident

does old louisville have a page where or website where u would make a complaint about nieghbors or other people in old louisville making old louisville look bad drinking throwing beer cans in the yards and partying all night with the possibilities of selling drugs and prostitution . I'm concerned about this matter because the st. james art fair is coming. this makes the nieghborhood look bad. and i think the police are over at this building more than the police station or where they need to be during emergencies.

Posted by an Old Louisville resident
Ric Light

Excellent Resource - I'd like to suggest you add a selection call "Vistor Information" which would lead to all of the other content regarding such things as "a place to stay" "what to see"(which would include walking tours), "if you only have a day" (a guide on what to do with notes on what things are/are not open during the week - such as the Filson Club and Old Louisville Info Ctr and Conrad House,etc.) and most important "how to get here" which would include info on the cost of a cab ride from downtown hotels, info on the 4th street bus, etc. Let's make it very easy for out-of-towners to discover and get to our neighborhood to promote interest in the neighbor and get locals to notices too.

I'd like to suggest you add a routing feature to the page - here is one I've investigated that will work....

for a map....


for driving directions....


I have no interest in this map website other than to let people know how to find us...


Posted by an Old Louisville resident
Brittany washington
Were are the flower shops at in old louisville

I want to know were are some of the flower shops at in old louisville.

Reply: The Old Louisville Florist is at 1213 S 4th Street near 4th & Oak (http://florists.ftd.com/oldlouisvilleflorist )

Posted by a visitor to Old Louisville

A reminder-many have commented about poorly maintained properties. If you see evidence of such, contact Citycall at 574-3333. It can be anonymous. The area Housing Inspector is Michael Baugh, and can be contacted at his office at 574-3995 between 8 and 9 AM. If you make a complaint, call him in a week or so, to determine the current status of action on the property.


I am looking for a name of a place. They use to take unwed mothers here so that they could carry out the term of their pregnancy and then gave the child up for adoption. I know this place was still running around the year 1968. Could you please help me out with the name of the institution? I would greatly appreciate it. You can email me at: dynasty_@webtv.net 

Posted by an Old Louisville resident

I would like to say thank you very much for the wonderful web site. I was very excited to learn that we even had a web site. I am very proud to say I have lived in Old Louisville for the past 7 years. Sadly I will moving from the area in a couple months. I was glad to hear I wasn't the only one who had a problem with the shopping! I hope this problem will end soon.

I do have one question. I have always wanted to know when the house I live in was built and maybe something about the families who have lived here. I live in the Barber College on Third. Can you tell me or at least tell me how I could find out? Thank you again for the web site

Posted by an Old Louisville resident
Ken Kintolp

Restaurant guide needs to include NALLEYS on South Third in about the 1100 Block. Nalleys is open about 7:00 am to 9:00 pm and serves great breakfasts with home made biscuits, plate lunches and dinners and burgers and fries. It is inexpensive and clean and seats about forty people. There is also a new restaurant at Breckinridge and third. It advertises itself as a cafeteria and is located at Annie Pizza's old location.

Myra J. Hickman

I am the daughter and granddaughter of 1910's-1920's Louisville residents and lovers of your city. I'm also a curious type! I have two questions: 1) Where might I be able to find information about Lee Cemetery. My grandmother is reportedly buried there, and I have a need to find it 2) My mother spoke of attending Suwanee (not sure of spelling, sorry) High School; is that known by some other name?

This is a great site. I heard so many stories while growing up about these parks, buildings, etc. Since the death of my mother in 1996, I have hungered for more information about her youth. I've no doubt that your lovely city contributed greatly to both her love of beauty in its myriad forms and to her sense of the "rightness" of hard work and discipline.

I apologize for using this forum for questions as well as compliments. Were I not so stymied, I would not trouble you.

Thank you,


Posted by a Louisville resident
Andy LopezCao

I would appreciate it if you could send me a list of current schools in the Old Louisville area and how long they've been around. Thank you, Andy Lopez

Posted by an Old Louisville resident

I recently purchased a house in Old Louisville. How do I get more involved in the neighborhood and historic preservation society? P.S. Site is great.

Posted by a former Old Louisville resident
David Witten

Please give Beverly Miller my email address:


Thank You

Posted by a visitor to Old Louisville

First of all, I would like to say that your web-site is beautifully done. I live in Indianapolis, IN and I frequently travel to Lousiville and other places in the mid-south. I typically stay in bed and breakfasts because I love the history and ambiance. I am planning to visit "Old Louisville" for the first time and I must say that I have mixed emotions. After viewing the photos and talking to the Innskeeper at Culbertson Mansion, I was very excited about my trip. However, after reading some of the letters that others have written to your site, I am starting to fear for my safety. I typically stay at the Woodhaven bed and breakfast on South Hubbards Lane, which is always a pleasure. Unfortunately the Innskeeper did not have any vacancies this weekend so I thought I would try something different. After viewing all of the beautiful homes I found myself growing more and more anxious for the weekend to arrive. Now I'm having second thoughts. Is the Old Louisville area really unsafe and run-down? I still haven't decided what I am going to do. It's too late to cancel reservations in order to receive a full refund; but, my safety must come first. Never-the- less. I enjoyed reading all of the history on your website and the photos were phenomenal. Good luck to the town with regards to the grocery stores!

Thanks, S. Wilkerson Indianapolis, IN

Posted by a Louisville resident
Don White

The Francis I. Stone Elementary School, occupyinkg the area between 6th St & Armory Place, just South of what is now Muhammad Ali Blvd. then Walnut Street. This beautifully proportioned cut stone 2 1/2 story building was built prior to the Civil War as it contained a marker saying it was used as a hospital during the Civil War. One Saturday Morning, about daylight, I drove by and obsverved a large number of 14 wheel trucks and several cranes. By 7 am the ball & crane was breaking this magnificent old bulding with walls more than one foot think from hewed or cut stone, was breaking this great building that would have stood for a thousand years into hunks sized to fit the 14 wheeler dump trucks. By the following Sunday afternoon nothing remained of F I Stone Elementary School but a 40 ft by 80 ft and 20 ft deep hole in the ground. Shortly thereafter Southern Bell Tel & Tel built the switch building that now stands on part of the site and perhaps their consciences bother them for there is an historic marker on 6th St. Of course, there had to be complicity with the Building & Housing Dept to get a permit after hours, teh Mayor had to be involved, and the Southern Bell executives had to have been the brains behind the scheme to destroy one of the finest buildings in downtown Louisville. Don White

Posted by a former Old Louisville resident

I lived on St. James Court in 1969 and loved the place. I recently had a chance to drive through on a brief visit to Louisville. Snow was on the ground, just as it had been the first time I saw St. James Court in 1969. It was still as charming and beautiful as I remembered it. With one exception: the pink house.

I hope someone will convince the owners that this house is a glaring misfit, and destroys the ambience of the Court. Even just a paler shade of pink would be better! Yes, the "Painted Ladies" of San Francisco are brightly colored, but there are many of them together in a row. This pink house on St. James Court is in the midst of mostly stone and brick houses and doesn't blend well at all.

Posted by a visitor to Old Louisville
George Smallman

Hi from Prince Edward Island Canada, A resident of your community, (Woody) exposed me to your website. I found it so interesting that I tried to connect to some of the B&Bs It didn't work. Perhaps you can fix it. My wife and I would like to stay there some time in the future. We have a B&B and only operate from early june to late september. If you are interested you can look all around PEI from the link in our website ie http://www.icondata.com/smallman

Thanks for letting us know.  Rebuilt the web indices and it looks like the page works now.  

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